This ‘Zona Team Reminds of ’97: They Always Seem To Come Out Of Nowhere.

Both the ’97 team and this team came from out of nowhere in the tournament; but once they got a couple tourney wins under their belts everyone knew they would be special.  Every five years or so, they get these stacked one-year wonder teams. If they win tonight; it could be revenge for that stacked ’01 team that had Arenas, Gardner, Walton, Jefferson, and Woods.  Go ‘Cats!

The table below shows how Arizona tends to perform well when there are low expectations of them.  I noticed this over the years and decided to find out if it was true and quantifiable.  The years that they reached the Elite Eight(Regional Final) are in the bold.  I used 26 for their ranking when they were unranked to keep the table simple.  In the years that made it to the Elite Eight, they jumped on average, about 5 spots in the rankings from the pre-season poll to the final poll; in the other seasons they fell about 2 spots.

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3 Responses to This ‘Zona Team Reminds of ’97: They Always Seem To Come Out Of Nowhere.

  1. dan price says:

    This Arizona team just played the best 15 minutes of basketball I have ever had the pleasure of watching them play…against a defending champion, no less. Hard to even compare these Wildcats to anything, I can't even come to grips with their first half of play against Duke versus that wild second half. We could be in for a real show vs. UConn. I saw this team struggle at times throughout the season (seven losses), but they aren't struggling now!Like your blog by the way.

  2. I'm looking forward to the UConn game; but I think UConn may be overmatched. Thank You for the feedback.

  3. Deron says:

    I totally bombed on the UConn-Arizona prediction. I hate the internet, once you post something it's there forever. 😉

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