A VCU – Butler Final Four Matchup Will Be Historic.

With their win over Kansas Sunday, VCU set up a Final Four game in which each team will have been unranked for at least 17 of 19 AP polls this season.  VCU was unranked all year and Butler was unranked for all but the first two weeks of the season.  There has been only 4 instances, since the Top-25 era began in 1989, where the two teams meeting in a Final Four game have been unranked at some point in the season.  2006 Florida was the only one to win the National Title, but they were only unranked for the first two weeks of the season.

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7 Responses to A VCU – Butler Final Four Matchup Will Be Historic.

  1. Ryan says:

    What kind of program you use for your charts? I like the look of them, very neat and clean.

  2. SoSportz says:

    VCU is shocking the world! I can't believe it's VCU and Butler playing in the Final Four to see who goes to the championship! http://sosportz.blogspot.comAlso join our free sports social networking website at http://www.sosportz.com

  3. Ryan, thanks for the feedback. I use Excel 2010 and create the charts manually by formatting the cells.

  4. McHuston says:

    Sorry, Deron – second try…I was only mentioning that this Final Four is the first time that my bracket wound up a complete bust.In all the years of filling them out, I had at least one pick in the Final Four, but not this one!Tip off times and matchups at Inlandia Press

  5. I usually get at least one final four team too. I think your bracket is just like 99% of the population; you have a lot of company.

  6. tophatal says:

    Deron This tournament has provided us all with a great deal of entertainment none stop ! And that's what I for one like about the NCAA Tournament !tophatal

  7. Tophatal, this is the most excited I've been for the Final Four in a while.

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