Heat-Bulls: The Biggest Turnaround Of The Past 30 Years

With the Game 5 win in Chicago, the Heat completed the biggest turnaround for an Eastern Conference Champion in at least 30 years; they have had the best regular season to playoff improvement against their CF and CSF opponents.  Their regular season record against their conference semifinals and conference finals opponents, the Celtics and Bulls, was a combined 1-6.  Winning in 5 gives them a .658 improvement in win percentage, from .142 to .800.  The table below ranks the improvements of the last 30 Eastern Conference Champions.

Table Notables:
Ten of these teams had losing regular season records against their CSF and CF opponents.
Five teams had worse records in the playoffs than the regular season.

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5 Responses to Heat-Bulls: The Biggest Turnaround Of The Past 30 Years

  1. I LOVE this blog! I am immediately posting this to my favorites at http://fourthandone.wordpress.com I am a big believer in statistics and will retweet/repost your best creations.

  2. Deron says:

    Thanks, I appreciate you checking out blog.

  3. Pastrami says:

    Well, I only like your blog mildly, and this particular post made me sad. lol

  4. Deron says:

    Thanks… or sorry, Pastrami???

  5. Pastrami says:

    It's okay. You're just the messenger. Go Mavs!

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