The Deepest Draft Classes Since 1981. (Part 3)

In continuation of the “deepest draft” series, here is the career progression of the average draft class.  It measures the number of top 50 players the average draft class has at different points of the draft’s career.  For example:  The average draft class has 5.7 top 50 players in its sixth season.  PART 4  
The chart below will also be used to compare the 2004-2010 draft classes to the average draft class.  A score above 1.00 says that the draft class being measured is better than the average draft class at the same point of the draft cohort’s career.  The 2008 Draft Class is the only one on the list that has outperformed the average draft class so far.  D-Rose, Kevin Love, and Russell Westbrook are among the gems of the 2008 class.
PART 1       PART 2

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