Who Were The Astros’ Most Important Hitters In 2010?

The adjacent table uses the difference in OPS between wins and losses in an attempt to find out who is the teams most important hitter.  For the 2010 Astros, Carlos Lee was the most important hitter.  That may seem like the obvious answer; even if you’ve never seen this table, but it doesn’t always work out that the clean-up hitter is the most important guy in the lineup.  I was also suprised that Michael Bourn’s performance had so little to do with the Astros’ success in 2010; one would think that with a guy with that kind of explosiveness would wreak havoc on the basepaths and lead to more runs scored.

A similar table for the 2010 Yankees was completed, it showed the Curtis Granderson and Brett Garnder were the most important hitters.  When the Yankees lost games last year, you can see that Granderson and Gardner had the biggest dropoff in production.  That result does not mean the Gardner and Granderson were better hitters than Cano and A-Rod, it simply means that there drop in production correlated more with losses than A-Rod and Cano.

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