NCAA Tournament: A Short Evaluation Of The Seeding Process. (Click Image to Enlarge)

This table shows the average margin of victory in the first round for each seed from 1985-2010.  The table was constructed to find out the biggest differences between consecutive seeds and evaluate the difficulty of seeding and effectiveness of the seeding process.  The biggest difference was between the one seed and the two seed, which was 9.1 points.  The smallest difference was .3 points, between the five and six seed.  This tells me that the five and six seed are basically interchangeable.  It also seems like the four seed was the biggest enigma; it was only 2.5 points away from the three seed, but a full 5 points better than the five seed.  I think the biggest stat to take away from the table was that the five through eight seeds show a big drop-off from the higher seeds.  Additionally, each step down from the one seed to the three seed was significant.