Youth (Thunder) vs. Experience (Mavericks) In The NBA Playoffs: Who Wins.

This year’s Western Conference Finals features young vs. old.  The Mavericks’ average age is 31.9; and the Thunder’s is 23.5, an 8.4 year age difference.  This is the biggest difference in recent NBA history(Since 2006), and probably one of the largest of all time. 

So, who has won the “youth vs. experience” battle in recent NBA Playoffs history?   The table above tries to answer the question.  This table shows the playoff series with the top ten age differences between the two teams.  A cursory glance at the table says experience won 7 out of 10 times, but a closer look shows that in 6 of those 7 wins, the older team was also the higher seed.  The only win that might be solely attributed to experience over youth was the 2007 series between Phoenix and San Antonio; the Spurs were almost five years older the Suns and won that series as the lower seed.  The recent history says that since the Mavs are older and the higher seed, they should win this series, and I agree.

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