The Best Base Stealers of 2010: Isolating Base Stealing Ability.

The chart below uses Stolen Bases per 150 singles and walks to more accurately measure the best swipers in baseball.  The logic is simple: the most stolen base is second base, so those who get more extra-base hits have fewer opportunities to steal second base than those who draw a great deal of walks and hit lots of singles. 
This table also measures what base stealers are overrated or underrated due to the number of singles or extra-base hits the player gets.  A value of 1.00 shows that the player’s base-stealing is properly valued, while a value below 1.00 shows that the player’s ability is underrated.  Brett Gardner’s value of 1.26 implies that he is overvalued as a base-stealer, as he has more opportunities because of his high rate of singles and walks.